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BlogConference in Madrid

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The conference is happening right now and I am blogging from the panel. Spain is really growing fast on blogging these days. Very interesting talks in Madrid today, we talked about corporate blogging, blogs and journalism and of course blogs and politics. As on blogs, the discussion that started after the presentations were the most important.

We could listen to:

Julio Alonso

Alberto Knapp

Octavio Rojas

Juan Varela (I am sure Juan is a politician and if not he should be one as he is very convincing)

and Enrique Dans

One blogger in the audience talked about arcadi.espasa.com a publishing company sponsoring a well known journalist to blog and will write a book based on the blog, about politics.

Julio talks to me about escolar.net that is another influential political blog, left wing as I understand. There is also libertaddigital.com which is a network of liberal blogs on the right wing.

Thank you so much Julio, Victor, Alberto, Octavio, Juan and Enrique for organising it all and the Instituto de Empresa for hosting us.

  • Maite

    Does free speech rights and other rights that relates to traditional journalism apply to bloggers in general? I am particularly interested in hear comments about Ciarelli’s affair and the law suit initiated against him by Apple

  • http://google.dirson.com Dirson

    The next step will be a videoconference. Thank you Loïc for the photos!

  • http://periodistas21.blogspot.com/ Juan

    Great conversation! You can find my vision here:
    Blog attack to the business
    To the next time.
    [Loic: I am not a politician, I am a activist]

  • http://www.merodeando.com Julio Alonso

    You can find more photos of the event and the dinner afterwards on flickr.

  • http://vidadeunconsultor.blogspot.com Consultor Anónimo

    Great meeting! I have to thank all of the panelists, who made a very interesting vision of the blogging world, and the rest of participants, who gave different points of view which made the conversation full of content!

  • http://octaviorojas.blogspot.com Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña

    Will see you in Paris in the New Communication Forum.
    Photos are great.

  • http://kadoomespanol.blogspot.com/2005/02/mesa-redonda-sobre-blogs-en-madrid.html Kadoom

    See link for another view from another participant of this most interesting conference.

  • http://www.servidores.com ivan

    Nice photo ;-)
    Ivan -

  • http://gomato.blogspot.com Isidro Rodriguez Gomato

    Desde Almendralejo,invito a Vds. a visitar mi 2º BLOG, su dirección es: gomato.blogspot.com