» TypePad blogs accessible in China ?

TypePad blogs accessible in China ?

I have been told on several comments (thanks) that TypePad blogs were accessible again from China. If you are reading me from there or you have friends there, could you confirm ?

  • sam

    I can see you and several other typepad blogs from here in shanghai.

  • Loic

    Great ! thanks Sam.

  • http://www.bookcafe.net/blog/ g.g.

    Hello Loic, Happy New Year to you too.. ;)

  • http://www.mobvertising.com/china/ Charles

    Yes, Loic great news for the 90 million chinese websurfers, they’re gonna enjoy again typepad users’ content.
    I hope the chinese authorities won’t change their mind next month.
    Blog business in china on the move. Follow the cliks.

  • Rob

    Even I can read you in the country outside Guangzhou.

  • http://www.frenchiesintheworld.com Severine Smadja

    Nihao Loic !
    Et bien dans ce cas ce n’est pas juste parce que notre blog de voyage typepad n’est pas accessible depuis Shanghai ni depuis Pekin…
    Heureusement que l’administration fonctionne quand même pour qu’on puisse le mettre à jour :-)
    Et pendant que j’y suis, merci pour la connexion à Isaac Mao via Marie Hulin, c’est un type passionnant !
    A bientot,

  • http://www.wallies.info/blog/item/156/ wallies.info blog

    Chinese Blogger lashes out at Microsoft

    I think Microsoft should play a crucial and prominent role in the process to China\’s freedom of speech!

  • http://www.theguidinglight.blogspot.com Deborah

    Today is August 5, 2005 and I can see your blog but I can’t see mine. I’m in Guizhou Province, SW China.