» A good idea to sell stuff on your blog

A good idea to sell stuff on your blog

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au fil de l’eau (in French) had a good idea to easily sell on her blog the earings she creates using a paypal shopping cart added to the TypePad photo albums and there you go, here is an ecommerce site. My wife has just received her new exclusive earings.

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  • Satyanarayana Raju I

    I (Satyanarayana Raju I) completed my B.E (Engineering) in Electronics
    and communication branch in Veltech engineering college chennai. I am
    a creative person. I created a project idea for big investors and book
    publishers in India. I can make any investor or book publisher
    (Educational books) NO-1 in book Industry. For this business plan I
    worked for 4 years. To build this project I worked very hard during my
    college days. Now I have got all the ingredients required. My aim is
    to make this project for great company like Wipro group in India.
    As you know Wipro group have many business sectors in India like:
    1. Wipro Software
    2. Wipro Finance
    3. Wipro Energy and utilities
    4. Wipro Manufacturing
    5. Wipro Spectramind and many other sectors.
    With my creative talent I want to add a new sector for Wipro group.
    That is:
    “Wipro book publishers”
    I want to deal with Wipro group to make my dream come true. The annual
    turnover in Indian book market will be in crores. I can make them
    NO-1in Indian book Industry. With in 1year I can show them the taste
    of huge profits in Indian book Industry. I don’t have any business
    network to meet them personally. After a great search I found you, who
    could deal this. I want you to consult Wipro group to market my
    project in India. I want you to be my consultant to make my project
    succeed in India.I can pay you for your service after our (company and
    me) agreement was signed. The only thing I want from you is: Place me
    in Wipro group. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you,
    Yours faithfully
    I.Satyanarayana Raju.