» Kite Surfing into the clouds

Kite Surfing into the clouds


Incredible Kite Boarder jump in Cabarete, on top of the road, on top of the trees, and finally the kite surfer lands OK.

What’s cool with Kite Boarding is that it is not dangerous at all if you manage to choose the right cloud.

video (14Mb of pleasure)

a bonus jump

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    Loic posted some very nice, and scary, kite surfing videos. You have family man! Watch out! I actually have been to Cabarete several times when I was younger (oh the times ;)) during the surfing world cup. Great times, not

  • yo

    I think that video come from Maui and not from cabarete

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    Loic posted a incredible Kite Boarder jump in Cabarete. Check out the videos. If you have family man? Watch out!