» China accounts for the majority of air pollution threat

China accounts for the majority of air pollution threat

According to today’s WSJ (content available for subscribers only):

“just as China’s industrial might is integrating the country into the global economy, its pollution is also becoming a global concern. Among the biggest worries: the impact of China’s vast and growing power industry, mostly fueled by coal, on the buildup of mercury in the world’s water and food supply.”

“One reason China’s power industry spews out so much pollution is that under the nation’s rules, many plants have the option of paying the government annual fees rather than installing antipollution equipment.”

“Some scientists now say 30% or more of the mercury settling into U.S. ground soil and waterways comes from other countries — in particular, China.”

I am not an environmentalist, but looks like this is one of the aspects of globalization we can’t do anything about and which is quite frightening for our children, don’t you think ?

  • http://www.ludovic.org/blog/ Ludovic

    We can’t do anything about it ? How about international regulation at the UN or OMC level ? How about embargo for countries not complying ?

  • http://blog.metacites.net/ Stéphane Le Solliec

    Which country consumes 20% of our planet’s ressources with only 5% of the population?
    Which country has not signed the Kyoto protocol ?
    Who was that re-elected guy who said “The american way of life is not negotiable”, showing how little they were concerned about global warming and such environmental issues?
    China? ;-)

  • http://www.ecoblog.it Luca – Pandemia

    we have all to be environmentalist to avoid our Planet become a global bind :| China is a real problem but we all have to change our way of life. Our Planet could not sustain one car for every person, for example. :)
    I use a blog to talk about this things, Ecoblog.

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