» The fashionable ice-cream in China: the green-bean ice cream

The fashionable ice-cream in China: the green-bean ice cream

Just before I had to re-boot on account of jet-lag, we discovered the fashionable ice-cream in Beijing, the green bean ice cream.
Honestly, it tastes terrible and I have been impressed that my friend Pascal tasted it in a deep way. Here is the effect it produced on me. To say the least, an awful taste that stays for hours in your mouth.
There were all sorts of weird tastes, that we may see one day arriving in our Countries…

  • http://www.boonty.com/ Mathieu Nouzareth

    I was a witness and can confirm that the taste of this ice cream was terrible !

  • http://www.petercooper.co.uk/archives/000384.html PeterCooper.co.uk

    Loic Le Meur

    I’ve been reading this guy’s blog in French, and then found out he also writes it in English. Ha! Anyway, it’s pretty good. I liked the story about the pea ice cream, sounds gorgeous….

  • http://www.gastroblog.com/archives/002222.php the daily bread @ gastroblog

    The only thing worse than brussels sprouts ice cream

    You’d think this came from Japan, but actually it’s from China: pea-flavoured ice cream. That strikes me as very…hmm – what’s the word I’m looking for here? – freaking disgusting. Thanks to the French blogfather, Loïc Le Meur, for the…

  • http://mirazhaojing.spaces.live.com/ Mira

    Nope…we Chinese all love this green bean ice cream. It tastes great! (at least to me and my mom)

  • lizzie

    I love them too. I prefer the red bean ones though – only by a fraction.

  • icecreamman

    One day I discovered a street in Paris where a little chinese man was unpacking what appeared to be strange popsicle-like objects. Hoards of people flocked around him like bees to a hive. “What could it be?”,I asked.
    I had to try this strange culinary delicacy-it was powdery and disgusting but after I was in a great mood!
    Could there be a link between the ice cream and my mood?… I wonder..