» My new Kite Surf board

My new Kite Surf board

I have been spending most of my Sunday answering and cleaning about 500 emails so I though 4 AM was a good time for some fun before going to sleep, here is my new Kite Surf board that Jérôme of Radical shaped with love.


It is much smaller than the old one , about 1m40 which is very small for my heavy weight of 103Kg. This board is so light the jumps and maneuvers are extremely fast. Speed is very high as well, close to perfection for me.

ailerons The new ailerons look really nice, they are rock solid.

This new custom board is pure adrenaline and lets me go to sleep with Kite Surf ideas rather than email ideas…

  • http://pinksocks.co.uk/ Hanni

    It certainly looks very impressive!

  • antonio

    You need to travel to Tarifa. The shape,color and design of the kites boards are fantastic.
    Check Sailboardstarifa.com, or travel and shown the design of TAD, CAT FUN, FUN WORKS, NO WORK TEAM.
    They are making 1,20 to 1,40.
    I test and order in tarifa 126*37, with new shape and I am desesperate to have and fly.
    Goods Winds

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