» Heard in China last week: US should learn respect.

Heard in China last week: US should learn respect.

redflag“America is very arrogant when China’s culture is about respect. Each time the US makes a mistake China’s prestige grows in the World. What China learnt from its ancestors is to respect others and whenever we are arrogant we make a mistake. The US is losing its prestige in the World and less and less respected because of its behaviour in the last years”.

I don’t agree basically on everything because China has proven many times it does not always respect people either. But generally, it summarizes pretty well the feeling about the US, heard from China.

  • http://www.alifeexamined.com Bijan

    Respect vs. arrogance is an often-heard comment.
    In this part of the East (Egypt), it is indeed so that Islam encourages non-agressiveness, sensitivity regarding others, and respect towards the harmony installed by Him. This is the whole point of respect towards the Creation that naturally includes other beings.
    On the other hand, Western culture seems to emphasize control, guidance and a highly values radical change deliberately brought about.
    Of course, today installed forms of governance differ from this. That respect is always also and for everyone a highly selective diplomatic tool, need not be mentioned.

  • Esme V

    Nice to see the Chinese propaganda machine working overtime. I wonder how much respect they have for all those Tibetans they tortured and killed, not to mention the people they murdered in Tienanmen Square. I’m sure the relatives of the deceased have no respect at all for the Chinese government and their hired thugs. And I have news for them. Every time the US does something arrogant, my respect for China does not rise one centimeter (note: I am half Chinese, half Filipino).

  • http://www.temporanea.blogspot.com Patrick Callioni

    The point the Chinese are trying to make is not invalidated by the bad behaviour of the Chinese state in Tibet or elsewhere – anymore than France’s position vis a vis the USA on Iraq is invalidated by its behaviour in Algeria, for example.