» aSmallWorld: another social software that positions itself “exclusive”

aSmallWorld: another social software that positions itself “exclusive”

I have been invited by three friends to join aSmallWorld that positions itself as a very exclusive social network. For example, they don’t allow people below 5 connections to invite other people (I have three…).

Here is how they present themselves.

  • http://oliver.thylmann.com Oliver Thylmann

    Interesting concept I have to say. But it can be infiltrated if you really want to and then it could just have a weird group in there too… but that’s probably unlikely (hmm… interesting term ;)

  • Will

    As jealous as I am that I am not likely to be invited, I think that the site is ironic in the sense that the people I know who use it, appear to be interested primarily in who has the greater list of A list friends as an indicator of their own social standing and thus ruin the ‘exclusivity’ of the site by increasing the members at an exponential rate.
    Allthough it is the only online dating agency that you dont have to be ashamed to use. The politicians illegitimate love child is a particular treat.

  • http://www.jacksonwest.com/weblog/ Jackson West

    I’m just a plebe, but a plebe who edits a site about San Francisco – SFist – and am hoping to get invited in order to see what’s being said about our fair city. Any help would be greatly appreciated in terms of getting account, reptitiously or surreptitiously. I promise to be entirely decorous and tactful.
    jackson AT sfist DOT com

  • Klauss

    I am a member of ASW. It is a fantastic tool, modern version of a secret society…but endless in number of places and members. If you like to scialise with the creme de la creme…you should start working on it.

  • http://dartblogs.com/lisachau Lisa Chau

    Wondering how to get an invite…
    – Lisa

  • Zak

    So I’m a bit stuck – I regularly throw parties in London and Paris, and it would be good to get some of this ASW crowd to come and see. Anyone willing to make me a member? $500 for you for your troubles.
    mail me: zhsilver@hotmail.com

  • Max

    Klauss – aren’t you on asmallerworld.de ?

  • http://maxniederhofer.com Max Niederhofer

    It was a great marketing ploy while it lasted. But they’ll have a hard time keeping balance between exclusivity / growth… if that is what they’re really after.

  • Janis

    Do you know someone who is member in Greece ?

  • out of a small world

    Klauss, you don´t sound like socializing a lot on ASW!?
    Zak, do you really think that will work, 500!??
    ASW is definitely not secret, but exclusive in the meaning of who is able to be a member. You have the right friends – you´re in… no matter if you´re a celeb or whatever. People are very divers there and the platform allows to discuss any thinkable object of human matter. (As long you are able to use pc umbrella terms for the stiffy details;) If you fail to do so, you are sent to a ABW (a big world), where all the outlaws are stranded and have very limited access to the small world.
    Recently the mark of 50k members was reached and the function “invite” was cancelled, except for a handful of members in the bigger european cities.
    The real reason why it´s so sexy to be in:
    It´s the possibility to access local knowhow at a very high level wherever you are in the world. In every big city there are regular ASW parties and they really rock… You know which waiter to ask for the best dinnertable in the most whatever-you-like restaurant in town. There is no event worldwide where you can´t have access to with recommendations of some member.
    Sorry for them who are not connected.;)

  • Julian

    I know many people on ASW, but my frineds can not invite since ASW will not let anyone invite except for the superpremium members…
    The invite system is sorf of like gmail, just that you have many more invites.

  • dario

    Also I know many members of ASW, but they can’t invite me, because they are not “superpremium members”…. :-(

  • Kaiser Sosa

    I travel to London and Barcelona rather frequently and I’m looking for an ASW invite. Anyone?

  • Slowhand

    Losers :-) get a life (but not on asw)!!!

  • J.

    SUPERPREMIUM MEMBERS ! :D someone called on me ? ;)

  • Paul Hermann

    Looking for an invite…

  • Janique

    Looking for an invite please :)

  • J K L

    Been there, done that, nothing special.

  • Teresa

    trying to get into the jet set and the high society?! en vouge is who is part of it…
    so see you someday but I’m sure I’ll never see you in aSW (hahahaha)

  • Questionable

    The phenomenal thing about aSmallWorld (which I am a hesitant member of) is that it has convinced its members like “outofasmallworld” and our friend Klauss above that they’re part of the “right” crowd. That is pretty bold. Many, many members of the exchange think equally highly of themselves. I have to wonder why on my rare and infrequent visits; the information on exchange is rarely new, usually uninteresting, and really not all that high of quality (unless expensive means good).
    Secret society? Not really. It’s really pretty much a soapbox for the egos of some good looking, well-compensated, well bred, extaordinarily gullible 20-30 somethings.
    Is aSmallWorld an admirable business? No question. That’s why I came across this blog while researching the company. I was compelled to make a few comments.
    Does aSW promote the cause of a disturbingly materialistic, incredibly self-satisfied slice of the population who, well, look good, have barrels of money and don’t appear to have too much to offer except their cash? It sure does. With flair. And a lot of great PR.

  • http://www.littlerocket.ca daload

    Looking for an invite, yes this is kinda shameful but when you live in Toronto, its a little more tricky to find people in the know.
    mail me

  • melkor191

    Also looking for an invite , as questionable said , it’s very hard to find invites in Canada , altho i’m not in Toronto. I have been trying to get in this group for quite a while now , any help would be appreciated.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/Amanda23/ cool_splash1

    I know this is old, but I would like an invite. I don’t mind being in aBigworld. I just want to check it out.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/Amanda23/ cool_splash1

    I know this is old, but I would like an invite. I don’t mind being in aBigworld. I just want to check it out.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/Amanda23/ cool_splash1
  • http://profile.typekey.com/pooran/ Pooran

    Would like an invite plz
    pooran at gmail dot com

  • http://profile.typekey.com/SantaBarbara/ SantaBarbara

    Yes, Yes, I know, yes I’m here to get invited to ASW as well. I just moved to Santa Barbara, CA, USA and I know no one. I would really like to be invited. Anyone interested in being really cool?

  • http://profile.typekey.com/SantaBarbara/ SantaBarbara

    PS, my e-mail is mam121061@aol.com
    I know it’s a bad idea to post my e-mail address, but I’m trusting you all. Be cool

  • Mercedes

    can you send me invitation please
    Thanks for all

  • mcr

    can you send me invitation please

  • http://yacht6.com Joseph

    You may wish to consider yacht6 instead (http://yacht6.com). Contact me for an invite.

  • Yashar

    I have many friends on this site, however even though one of them currently has 123 people on their list of friends, they can no longer invite me. I would love to join the community as there are lots of people that I already know on there too.
    If you want names, I’ll name people I know on there.
    Could anyone help at all?

  • Krish

    I’d really love to enter ASW. I know some people in there but their list of invitations is full. I’m in the same situation than Yashar.
    Could anybody help me please?

  • http://www.nothegame.blogspot.com Arzu

    I would like to be member of this network. If it is possible at all to invite me in.
    If you have any question please send me an email senedler@gmail.com

  • David

    Please invite to aBigWorld biographyspot@hotmail.com

  • Schaumi

    If you are beyond your 20s you can defenitely forget about aSW. It’s a spoiled kids dating and chatting site. But you’ll find pimps and strip-club owners there as well. If you ask for a cities place to be, you’ll get the usually well known bars and clubs. Nothing special at all.

  • Melli

    i want to have invitation for asmallworld too…
    Can somebody please invite me???
    I will give gmail invitation for it…
    Lokking forward to hear from you
    Kiss Melli

  • Mónica

    Hi all,
    My name is Mónica and I’ve come from Madrid, Spain.
    I would like to be invited by anyone to ASmallWorld but I cannot find any member who’ll be able to do it.
    Anyone can help me? If you can please email me to reanmo32@hotmail.com
    Thanks a lot!

  • Silver

    You know what is the most annoying thing? When people started to ask for invites. Let me say something, please just shut up and be quiet. This happens so many times on articles like this. The first 20+ posts are talking about the subject but after that, most of the other posts are just asking for invites. Things just don’t work that way and if for some reason sometimes it does, then good luck for you. However, please don’t ask for invites and keep asking and asking and asking. Please talk about the subject ok? Thank you.

  • http://www.plc-connect.com Mike Bellamy

    Do not send me any more invites to aSmallWorld! I prefer going to the real parties.

  • Ang

    I’m Ang from Italy,I would be pleaured to received an invite for aSmallWorld.net,and I’ll be more pleasured to invite someone else while I’m a member.
    So help me to build up a big chain!!!!

  • aSW Member

    I use it & I love it. Been to loads of very cool parties, from Charity balls to after-work drinks, met business contacts & made new friends. 99% of the people I have met have been decent like minded individuals. I’m away in a new city his weekend coming, and thanks to aSW I’m on the guestlist to the top club in the area. I am meeting a group of other members there, for what judging by past experience will be a great night. Used properly, its a great “tool”. Don’t bother asking for invites – those of us who have them guard them carefully & wouldn’t ever consider inviting someone we don’t know well & can’t vouch for.

  • mohammad reza

    if someone can invite me to asmallworld.net i would realy appreciate it…
    my email is cptcitymtg@aol.com

  • inz

    I will give $20 dollars per invite… let me know if we can be in business: glowwww@gmail.com

  • http://www.bedouble.com C. W. Cheesman

    Hello all.
    I am interested in business networks and expanding my knowledge and meeting interesting people like I get the impression of here. I would love a invite to a small world to experience the vast growing business network there.
    Please contact me on cheesmanweb@gmail.com if this is a possibility:)
    Thank you!

  • Kristina

    If anyone has an extra invite to ASW, I would be much appreciative. My fiance is a member but already made his invites before we met in ’05. xtina_va@yahoo.com (Barcelona/Washgington D.C. are my plaes of residence). Thanks in advance!!

  • FF

    ciao!!!! I’m italian girl…and a I’m very interesting to enter in asmallworld.net. Someone can invite me ???
    thank very much!!!
    or someone can tell me where I can found the invite ?
    my email is: francescaf83 at hotmail .com

  • MyConsiglieri

    Shameful and Cowardly aSmallWorld Management
    Saturday, May 26th, 2007
    Shameful and Cowardly aSW Management
    As an FYI. This is with regards to my position on how aSmallWorld is being run. Let me know what you think.
    Its been well documented that the web admins on aSW are 5 women, named interiuer police by a recent French magazine, run apparently by Erik’s wife, Louise.
    > This is an important note: The quality of people on aSW and diversity is undisputed. Good people all round. Unfortunately something is rotten in the state of Denmark… and management must realize that what was built on such great grounds is now handled with one of the poorest rudest style of management I have ever come across. those are high quality threads? vs mine accounting colorfully, the pickup strategies of cheesy men? Hmm. So another female member can say “meet you at Pole Position” and that is more tasteful that my writing? Ok, sure. No good judgement.
    10. My friend staying with me told everyone online that she was sleeping over using my laptop and when she was passing it back to me, told the webmaster as well. When I logged onto, my laptop was pinged continuously for an hour. I couldn’t do work because the laptop kept getting pings for IP and MAC address. I PMed the web team to ask them to stop becaise I need tp work. My friend’s account got suspected of being dubious. ie. I’m Asian but I can also be a tall hot blonde. No such metamorphic skills.
    She told them, and yet they still used the very same technique to conclude I was her and she was me.
    Then I got kicked to aBW, and then I got my profile pick removed. I called Erik W and Joe R the new CEO. Both hung up in my face. That after doing some good work voluntarily. You’d think theyd address me given my contribution. No, Louise’s crack web team was the one standard we measure our response by.
    I thought I would get a courtesy call today, but instead I got it from aSW support saying I should go find something else. Yes. Something else more professionally run. I truly believe if one didn’t think they agree with my behavior, that theyd explain it to me on the phone. It was an easily 100k job I did for free, I dont even get a professional courtesy call.
    What ingrates. What cowards. What kind of people are those people. Find you want to paint yourself as more than you are. Then I will make it my mission to paint you in the real light you are. We will see who can SEO and outblog each other. I can spare another 50k of time revealing the true hypocrisy of the network. How management does not have the grace that it expects its members to have.
    When you have cowards and ingrates at the top, and you try to attract smart people, you gonna get called out all the time. You only want good press but not real journalistic pieces on you? CNBC, Swedish DocuTV, Dubai TV Channels. — Let me show you what a fair and balanced report is. Let me also remind you I copyrighted my recommendations to a T. Its the print at the bottom.
    You think all I am capable of is low grade humor. I will show everyone else how aSW mgmt is a a low-rent tux of a joke.
    You have unceremoniously kicked out your last one night stand. Guess she got knocked up this time. And now you have the baby devil to deal with.
    I quote my favorite fruitseller: How do you like them apples now.

  • Belen Seage

    Has anyone the possibility to invite me to join ASW, please??
    Thanks, Belen

  • Belen Seage

    Upss…I forgot…my mail is: seagebelen@terra.es
    Thanks again!

  • Murdoch

    I’d like and invite.
    I work as an Art Director, and have been told ASW is a good place to get some inspiring connections in that area.
    Email: rasmus dot murdoch at gmail dot com

  • http://modeling.meetup.com/199/ Mirande

    My name is Mirande. I am an ex-model and also an attorney who has authored a number of publications. I run a group called Models (Women of Beauty and Substance). The group is geared toward attracting and promoting women with broad and diverse interests who can be viewed as both beauty and role models. I would love an invitation to join ASW. I believe that my group of beautiful and accomplished women would add value to the events that we frequent.
    I will gladly send you more information about me and my background if you e-mail me at mirande@modelsnyc.net. For example, all of my scholarly and professional literature is available and can be verified online.

  • slaoui

    This is a long shot, but could I get an invite too? slaoui@gmail.com

  • a visitor

    Asw is somewhat stale. I have been on there almost from start. I don’t find it exclusive at all. I wish i could find an exclusive site. On asw you can find lots of simple random people, your average Joes and simple Janes who would put on their profiles things like: “thanks God i am not ugly” or pictures of themselves tending to their manicure during a dinner party.. Just because this is the only site that limits rather than grows its membership it became so desirable.
    People, as noted above, there is no chance some1 will invite you to join. I used to have invitation rights, sent out 15-20 invites to social party animals i know around the world, most of them have rightly ignored this nerdic dorky outfit, but because of that i was punished and my inviting rights were removed. I believe i answer all their other criterias. But i would never invite any1 i don’t like never mind i didn’t meet in person.
    But there is no disappointment, if you sign up, you spend 2 hours on there and there is not much else to do.
    I go there to occasionally check the events calendar in the city i live, but frankly went only 2ce and it wasn’t good at all. Desperate PR people are trying to fill in low profile events that nobody wants to attend. Or some stupid guy in Moscow invites every1 to attend most exciting event of the year: conference on the Immigration Law in Transition and the alike. There are some fab events but only in selected few cities. And fab events are sold out and not via asw.

  • caglar

    if someone can invite me to asmallworld.net i would realy appreciate it
    my mail is
    thanks a lot!

  • johnjohn

    Hello everyone !!!
    I seek sponsorships to be introduced into Asw as a future student of HEC Paris it will be really one more in my private listing. If people
    want to enter well in contact with me it will be with pleasure…
    I left my mail…
    Thank’s for all…

  • vikhyat

    if someone can invite me to asmallworld.net i would realy appreciate it…
    my email is vikhyat86@yahoo.com

  • driizz

    becoming a member is not that hard when you hang around with the right crowd. If you don’t you won’t get an invite. In short don’t use aSW to get into the high society, get into the society and it will get you in aSW.
    It took me over 2 months to get invited from the moment I discovered the site. And I don’t have a yacht, a DB9 in the parking garage…. only well connected friends.

  • Panos

    Please can someone send me an invitation?
    I know it’s very difficult but you never know…
    I’m looking for it over 6 months but nothing.
    My mail is trackbytrack@mail.gr
    Thanks a lot

  • Edu Reis
  • guy

    dont u think ALL to be a little bit NEEDY? :)

  • Petru

    Hello, may I have an invite to ASW?
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards.


    Dear little people,
    The reason why you will never get in, is exactely the reason why you want to get in.
    In other words, if it was as simple as “Hello I am graduated from Harvard please send me an invitation” everybody would be in and you wouldn’t care to join.
    Anyway, it’s great to be in…

  • Dan

    Hey Guys,
    If anyone reading this is a member who can invite others and is feeling generous, I’d love an invite. I’ve been looking for one for some time now and believe I fit the profile with my world travel and fun lifestyle. Thanks!
    - Dan

  • romain

    I really wish to join the community, i am french and would socialise with new poeple asap !
    I fancy night life @ paris, geneva so if you want to invit me i woulf really appreciate it..
    i am 18.

  • baptiste


  • Zee

    Hi, if anyone has an invite available – could you send it to zee@unwrapp.com pls. Thank you!

  • http://www.accy.com.br Renan

    So, it´s good or it´s boring?
    Can someone please, send me an invite?
    For: atendimento@accy.com.br

  • jpatrick

    moving to europe and australia for 2008- from new york. looking to meet new people and learn about the best places to hang out. would appreciate an invite- johnathan.patrick@gmail.com

  • jpatrick

    moving to europe and australia for 2008- from new york. looking to meet new people and learn about the best places to hang out. would appreciate an invite- johnathan.patrick@gmail.com

  • http://www.outorin.net Jason Brown

    Impressive there is a active black market for asmallworld invites out there. What “exclusive”
    members club in the real world let’s you trade
    invites, and if your a member just let’s you invite
    anyone you like…like your maid for example??
    At least on outorin.net there is no such thing,
    cause they don’t give the right to invite to
    anyone, and the only possibility to become a member is to apply for membership,that’s how it should be in
    my opinion, if we are talking about exclusivity.

  • adriana

    im looking for an invitation to a small world help !!!
    thank you
    my email is stylemakeup@gmail.com

  • Sam

    I’m a businessman based in Asia but frequently travels around the world. I will appreciate very much if any selflessly gracious person can give me an invite to aSW.

  • aswr/deca member

    you guys i am an ASWer (loving it btw) and as someone mentioned earlier, if u have no one whose a memeber, a stranger is not going to pass u invite…
    however, there is always decayenne

  • Zorro

    I have been on asw since 04, i do have invitations available but the deal is, you dont invite anyone you dont know. I have had tice 15 invites given and still not used all of them in almost 4 years. It is not an amazing site but great for socializing and meeting the right people. Its a plus basically.

  • Vicente

    Dear People,
    My name is Vicente. I am a professional investor.
    Its possible anyone invite me for ASmallWorld?
    Thank You
    My e-mail is barone_vicente@uol.com.br

  • Carl

    Zorro, saw you still had a few asw invites. Care to share one? You posted on my birthday so maybe that counts for something! Would greatly appreciate it. C