» Great and exhausting week with Ben & Mena

Great and exhausting week with Ben & Mena

Sorry for not having blogged more this week but I spend the week with Ben & Mena in Europe and we went from meetings to meetings in Munich, Frankfurt, London and finally Paris (just after they went to Blog Talk in Austria…). I do apologize for those of you who wanted to meet them but could not, we had a very busy schedule.

I moblogged a bit (and will continue to) on my moblog (Mena says “Vive les US”, in the London Underground Mena was upset, Mena presenting the weather at the BBC (better pictures taken by Tom), we met Euan and Tom, we had an interview in a London pub, and took the train just after Ben woke up and met Allan. The day before we had a blogger dinner in Munich.

Here are some pictures of part of the team in Paris


JY, Ben, Mena, me and Olivier

We had some fun in a hip bar in Paris


Even some dancing and Mena trying to start a new way of smoking



There are some more pictures we took meeting partners that are under heavy embargo :=)

Ah before I forget, here is one with Chryde in Paris:


And a last one with Richard: