» #&!§$* – lost email while synching email on two macs

#&!§$* – lost email while synching email on two macs

I just lost all my email rules, some folders and some emails on my mac. I use a Powerbook G4 and at home a G5 and tried to use Synchronize to be able to use my email on the G5 and then put the modifications back on the G4 but he, no, it does not work well…

I used Lotus Notes on a PC years ago and the sync works perfectly well you can have exactly the same information on different PCs or Macs…

I use imap of course but I have too many emails in folders to keep everything on my .mac account, even with the 100Mb option.

Do you know any good tool I could use apart from Notes to have exactly the same offline email folders and email on my two macs and sync them ?

Thanks in advance… !